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Friend Request

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Dec 28, 2020

From Indiana to Texas to Michigan to New York to Los Angeles, Derek has been just about everywhere throughout his life and has stories to fill all of the locations, including his parents nearly becoming paralyzed to coming out of the closet to how he ended up working in the music business.

Jenny Helms, LCMFT, answers...

Dec 21, 2020

If you've ever questioned whether or not you have an unhealthy relationship with sex, porn, video games, social media, or any other "bad habit", then this episode is for you!



Dec 14, 2020

Emily discusses everything from her trauma-riddled childhood to our experience with home birth and finding her path. She also speaks about this with the confidence and maturity of someone who has gone through the therapy and done the work. A truly inspiring interview.


Dec 7, 2020

Aaron Bridgewater is the front man for As They Sleep. He discusses growing up in a good home and getting into trouble as a teenager. Aaron also talks about the early days of joining a band, getting signed, and touring. He talks about fatherhood, raising a daughter as a metalhead dad, and what it's like to have two...