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Friend Request

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Dec 27, 2021

Justin and his wife, Erica, sit down to go over 2021 and look forward to 2022.


Special thanks to Talia Dalton for the theme music and all of our guests this year!


Special thanks to our sponsors this year, BetterHelp online therapy, WellBeing Brewing, and Bravus Brewing. Use code FRIENDREQUEST at any of those to...

Dec 20, 2021

Alexis Roberts is a wellness coach and an expert in social engagement. She discusses her struggles with weight and the obstacles that stood in her way. Alexis also talks about losing her mother suddenly when she was 19 years old, and what effect that had on her at that time, as well as how it affects her...

Dec 13, 2021

Katie Mack is an actress, award-winning podcast host, and all around bad ass of a person. She discusses her life growing up in Michigan and discovering an outlet in drugs and alcohol at an early age. Katie also talks about how drugs pulled her out of Michigan and into Chicago and how acting pulled her out of drugs....

Dec 6, 2021

Cat Johnson is an artist and recovering addict. She discusses her early years in addiction and the broken home she came out of as a child. Cat also talks about the death of her younger sister and the impact that had on her and her family. She then discusses how she got sober four years ago and what that journey has...

Nov 29, 2021

Clara is a professional organizer, boss lady, mother, and all around delightful. She discusses meeting her husband in 6th grade, striving to be consistently busy, and moving across the country for work after college. Clara also discusses the challenges of being a mother and how to be your child's advocate when doctors...